Jan 10, 2012
Brown's the New Black
Habstrakt - Rough (Brown & Gammon Remix) [Chateau Bruyant]
Brown & Gammon - Blow My Mind (Original Mix) [Circus]

As soon as I heard Brown & Gammon’s installment on Kill The Noise’s latest EP, I knew that the solo act (surprising that it’s not a duo, right?) was worth further looking into. To follow up that massive remix, B&G just put out his remix of Habstrakt’s Rough. This track somehow manages to completely kill without necessarily going hard; there’s energy and grit for sure, but it seems like Brown & Gammon never loses his tasteful, sophisticated, musical composure for the sake of making a tune overbearingly hard.

B&G can also get by doing originals, as his finesse and soulful basslines happily take the mainstage. His track Blow My Mind from late 2011 does just that. I love how there seems to be not just a voice behind his music, but emotions as well. On top of that, Brown & Gammon throws a total curveball when the track drops after the second breakdown. Total and utter FUNK!

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