Jan 15, 2012
Brotherly Love
Cuthead - Vibratin' (Original Mix) [Uncanny Valley]
Cuthead - Brother (Original Mix) [Uncanny Valley]
Cuthead - Seram Lembah (Original Mix) [Uncanny Valley]

Robert Arnold has had a supremely weird musical journey. He started out as a member of Kunst:stoff Breakz, a hip-hop crew notorious in Dresden around five years ago for extreme late-night raves that frequently infuriated local law enforcement. The dream stuttered however in 2008 when various members were carted off to jail for their exploits, leaving Robert aka Cuthead adrift with no obvious outlet for his prodigious talent. After a few years in the musical wilderness, Cuthead resurfaced with some old Kunst:stoff Breakz pals on Uncanny Valley, a bright young label on a mission to put Dresden’s achingly cool deep house scene on the map. After contributing to their opening run of mini compilations, the five track EP Brother marks Cuthead’s first solo 12″ in his new surroundings.

You can take the boy out of the underground German hip-hop collective, but you can’t take the underground German hip-hop collective out of the boy. Or something. Cuthead runs his past up the flagpole on every track with oozing, looped samples and fluid rhythms. Opener Vibratin’ is the purest house track on offer, all moody atmospheres shot through with occasional acidic flecks as he powers up the old 808s. Brother is colossal, anchoring vocals and slick Detroit pads to a truly monumental kick. The final track I’ve selected of the five is Seram Lembah, a thick and scuzzy bassline foundation for crisp electronics and spooked Far Eastern vox. All this, plus two more tracks and some sweet artwork! (pictured) Looking to purchase? Look no further.

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