Dec 08, 2011
Bromance #1
Brodinski feat Louisahhh! - Let the Beat Control Your Body (Original Mix) [Bromance]
Gesaffelstein - Control Movement (Original Mix) [Bromance]

What’s up with DJs and this bromance trend? First Avicii, then Digitalism, and now Brodinski? Hangin’ out with your bros seems to be the first step to creating a surefire hit nowadays, so it’s no wonder why Brodinski named his new label Bromance. The label’s first release (artwork above) comes in the form of a single from the head honcho himself, along side up-and-coming techno DJ/producer Gesaffelstein.

Let The Beat Control Your Body is a sexy, sophisticated jam that does exactly what the title orders you to–control (read: jack) your body. I love dark, alternative productions like this; there’s nothing “over the top” or noisy, just spot on kicks and snares and minimal use of synth. The lyrics are worked in properly with the track, providing a catchy hook and driving the rest of the song forward. Gesaffelstein’s single,Control Movement is even edgier. No lyrics at all, just alien-sounding synth illuminating a hedonic beat. While these singles may not sound like what “bromance” would to you, you cannot deny the quality of these productions. I’m looking forward to see what Bromance has in store for us in the future!