Nov 01, 2015
Brodinski Turns To Rap With Shy Glizzy On ‘WOAH’
Brodinski & Shy Glizzy - WOAH (Original Mix)

Early Brodinski followers associate the French producer with a dark brand of techno, but in the last year or so the Bromance boss has focused his attention on hip hop and rap. WOAH, a new collab with DC artist Shy Glizzy, is perhaps Brodinski’s full realization into the rap sphere.

Though Shy Glizzy’s raps take center stage in WOAH, there is no doubt that this is a Brodinski production with its heavy bassline and oscillating effects. The track’s underlying aggression and darkness sound like something Brodinski’s Bromance buddy Gesaffelstein might craft, no doubt another reason why the two are so often associated with one another. Shy Glizzy’s vocals paired with some glinting accents offer the perfect contrast to the central beat for a unique outcome that embodies this unlikely partnership between France producer and DC rapper.

Check out the video of how Brodinski and Shy Glizzy made this tune, and head to Brodinski’s SoundCloud to hear more of his music here.

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