Jul 15, 2014
Brodinski Gets ‘Gully’ With New Remix
Spank Rock - Gully (Brodinski Remix) [Boysnoize]

This term gets thrown around a lot lately by people–myself included–but I’m hard-pressed to think of a better descriptor in this situation. Put simply, Brodinski’s new remix of Spank Rock’s Gully, out now on Boysnoize Records, is a banger in every sense of the word.

Substituting hip hop vibes for ferocious French techno, Brodinski transports the listener to peak time at a classic warehouse rave. Everything about the song is intense and relentless, from the hard-hitting kicks and thunderous snare rolls, all the way to the old-skool “pump the bass” vocal loop.

Brodinski admitted in an official announcement that he loved the original so much that it was difficult to create a better version, but he did his best to transform the original into a warehouse techno tool. Don’t worry, Brodi, your best is more than good enough. Grab Gully on Beatport now.

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