Aug 27, 2015
Bro Safari and Boombox Cartel Blend Bass Styles On ‘Flip’
Bro Safari & Boombox Cartel - Flip

Riding high on the success of major 2015 hits such as B2U and Jamba, Los Angeles bass-mongers Boombox Cartel appoint Bro Safari to lend a helping hand on their most energetic track to date: Flip.

The song eases in with a velvety breakbeat before splintering into a series of unforgiving trapstep and jersey-inspired drops. This will be right up your street if you’re into trap with vivacious drops and epic energy throughout, and it should please both fans of Bro Safari’s classic trap sound and Boombox Cartel’s new-age hybrid trap/twerk sound. The team finishes the tune by upping the tempo in anticipation of the final devastating twerk drop that Major Lazer himself would be proud of. Flip’s stamina is something to behold; I would love to hear more tracks from this trio.

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