Mar 13, 2011
Sandro Silva - Resurrection (Dodge & Fuski Remix) [New State]
Lily McKenzie & Funkystepz - For U (Dodge & Fuski Remix) [Safe & Sound]
Dodge & Fuski - Devil Inside (Original Mix) [Play Me]

The British isle has been rocking the music world for decades. Recently, it’s often come in the form of wobbles. The Bristol drum’n’bass/dubstep duo Dodge & Fuski represent some of newest talent on the block, attracting attention the old fashion way: YouTube. Attracting over 500k visitors in the second half of 2010, the new year sets the stage for them to reach new benchmarks. A year since their first release, they’re getting all their sick stuff signed by exciting labels including Reid Speed’s Play Me Records and Never Say Die, home to SKiSM and Foreign Beggars, among others.

As slick producers, Dodge & Fuski have a achieved a delicate balance in their tracks that can be described as both cerebral and bass heavy. The duo gets grimy with Resurrection and Devil Inside, tracks that really emphasizes the “dub” in dubstep. Their remix of For U capitalizes on Lily McKenzie’s catchy melody and vocals, but scraps the relatively poor production for a more robust and wobbly version of their own.

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