May 17, 2015
British GCSE Students To Be Graded On Their DJing Skills

British high school students could soon add DJing to their list of qualifications, as examination regulators look set to add turntablism to the GCSE exam in Music by 2016.

16-year-old students in the UK take GCSE exams at the end of their compulsory time at high school, and the Music exam is a popular choice among a generation that has better access than ever to the tools needed to create a hit.

Although the course has traditionally been geared towards classical music, educators have been keen to diversify and modernize the course in recent years. Students will be able to perform “an instrumental/DJ/vocal/technology soloist” piece as part of the performance exam, with those choosing the DJ route expected to “demonstrate their technical skills and show how they would prepare for a DJ set at a club.” Students are also free to use “vinyl record, CDs, or a laptop for their performance.” The revamped examination–which is sill awaiting approval from British regulator Ofqual–will also include studies of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Santana’s Supernatural.

Before you get too jealous of British high school students though, it’s worth pointing out that English, Maths, and Science are still compulsory exams even for the next budding Carl Cox, so spare a thought for those currently cramming ahead of their exams next month!

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