Feb 21, 2014
Brian Flinn’s ‘Ultra Violet’ Anthem
Brian Flinn - Ultra Violet (Original Mix) [Tytanium]

Uplifting trance is historically associated with Europe–the UK, Holland, even Belgium. But as the US influence on EDM continues to grow, it’s always great to see talent coming straight from Middle America. Kansas City based producer Brian Flinn is a rising star in the scene and his latest track is a perfect representation of how the US trance scene is a force to be reckoned with.

Ultra Violet is hard, pumping, energetic trance. The build almost verges on late ‘90s hard house, complete with acid lines, stomping offbeat bass, and kicks that could shatter windows. Yet as the track moves into the break it becomes ultra euphoric, with big pads and big synth stabs giving the track a more chilled out feel. It doesn’t last long though, because the drop is straight back into the hard trance style that will surely be the making of the man. Flinn clearly knows how to produce music that grabs your attention for all the right reasons, a talent that should see him become a big name on the scene.

Ultra Violet is out now on Tytanium as a Beatport Exclusive.

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