Oct 24, 2014
Brian Eno To Unveil Four LPs of Unreleased Tracks & Reissues

If you thought Brian Eno was slacking off in the ’90s by only releasing four albums, then his upcoming quadruple rarities release should put your mind at ease.

A pioneering electronic musician and authority on ambient tunes, Eno is set to reissue four solo records from the decade of dance that will include re-releases of Nerve Net (1992), The Shutov Assembly (1992), Neroli (1993), and The Drop (1997). Each reissue will include a bonus album of rare and unreleased material from Eno. Some of the items included are the first commercial release of My Squelchy Life (a record that was intended for release in 1991, but was later pulled by Eno who was dissatisfied with the album), seven unreleased tracks from The Shutov Assembly sessions, a 60-minute recording of “ambient work” entitled New Space Music, and nine tracks from the 1997 Drop era (originally released as a limited edition album in Japan).

The release will also come with a 16-page photo book from ’90s-era Eno. The reissues will be available Dec. 2 via All Saints Records and can be pre-ordered over on Eno’s website here.

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