Nov 27, 2010
Breakin' All The Rules
W&W vs Ben Gold - Break The Rules (Original Mix) [Armada]
W&W - Arena (Original Mix) [Armada]

The first time I heard both of the artists involved in the track I am about to talk about, I became an instant fan. With W&W, it was their remix of Rain by Armin that made me an instant fanatic, and it was Ben Gold’s Sunstroke that made me jump on his bandwagon. W&W has been dearest to my heart, though; they really managed to bring a new, tech-y sound to the forefront of mainstream trance that had not really been heard. While some of their releases have become a bit formulaic, they have finally nailed it again.

Break The Rules is part of a two-release EP that also includes the track Nexgen, but Rules is definitely the better of the two. It combines the tech sensibilities of Ben and W&W in a way that is both musically interesting and incredibly powerful. Numerous drops with different sounds each time make this a track that requires you listen to the entire thing–not the easiest feat to pull off for a trance track. My favorite moment is definitely the drop at 3:30. The interesting harmonic progressions that are used, along with the W&W-esque cutting bassline, make this a surefire way to catch the audience’s attention. Enjoy, and just for good measure, check out W&W’s Arena which I have also included–by far their best track, IMHO.

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