Aug 21, 2011
Breakbeat Warriors Remixed
Stanton Warriors - Turn Me Up Some (Bombs Away Remix) [Central Station]
Stanton Warriors - Turn Me Up Some (Northie Remix) [Central Station]

Back in February, breakbeat duo Stanton Warriors wowed us with their single Turn Me Up Some. It wasn’t the first time they impressed with their cutting-edge music, and not the last either, especially considering their follow-up EP The Warriors.

Now it’s time for some other artists to step up and take the Stanton music to new levels (and genres). The Turn Me Up Some EP does just that with some more excellent reinterpretations of an already stellar original. Included are two dubstep remixes, and a Bombs Away electrostep remix–my favorite of the bunch. Loaded with fat catchy electro kicks, and a sick dubby breakdown in the melody, this remix is a can’t-miss for any fan of the original. I also can’t help but love the frenzied Northie remix at the moment. Although it barely resembles the original track, it’s still a great listen.

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