Aug 04, 2011
Breakbeat Swagga
TC feat Dread MC - Burning Starlight (Original Mix) [Don't Play]
TC - Tap Ho (Original Mix) [Don't Play]
Rihanna - Rude Boy (TC Remix)

TC, also known as Tommy Boy, is a Bristol-based drum’n’bass producer that occassionally forays into the dubstep and jungle arenas. One thing that has been instantly noticeable to me about TC is the hip hop flare present in a lot of his music– there’s a certain amount of swag you can’t deny. His new single on his recently spawned Don’t Play label, Tap Ho, is an excellent example of the swag of which I speak.

Plucky synths immediately bring to mind late ’90s urban sounds at the beginning of Tap Ho, which then proceeds into a drum pattern that has the hip hop flavor that no one can deny, and finally–the drum’n’bass animal rears its head. Ambiguously pitched high synths bring in the drop in a way that both sneaks in and hits you in the face. I’ve also tacked on another TC track I ran into on my computer, his 2010 remix of Rihanna’s Rude Boy, which combines dubstep, glitch hop, and acoustic guitar for the first half of the song, while the second half is dominated by 8-bit dnb sounds. Finally, I’ve added his new track with Dread MC Burning Starlight, a “junglestep” banger that is currently the subject of a remix contest.

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