Nov 13, 2010
Break Yourself
BSD & Access Denied - Ultimate (Original Mix)
Liz Melody & B-Phreak - Lost Your Mind (BSD Remix) [Lucky Break]
BSD - Hard-n-Bass (Original Mix) [Mental Machine Muzik]

If there’s one name that is really stirring things up in the breaks scene these days it’s got to be BSD, an enigmatic masked production duo that got its start in electro house in 2008. BSD is one of the foremost producers in this small but dedicated community, with an impressive four tracks currently on the breaks top ten, my favorites being Ultimate and Lost Your Mind.

Ultimate is a collaboration with fellow breaks producer Access Denied and features distinct elements from several left-field electronic music genres that make this track an interesting and refreshing experience for both aficionados and dance music novices alike. Lost Your Mind is remix of a track originally produced by Liz Melody and B-Phreak. It works in some serious electro house influences, as well as a catchy vocal that make this track exciting and palatable to most casual EDM listeners.

BSD recently released a full-length album entitled Malditos BASS-STAR-DOS, a solid offering that explores a wide variety of themes and demonstrates how truly skilled these guys are. The track that stood out the most to me on this album is Hard-n-Bass, a tune with distinct Detroit techno vibe and a unique retro feel that sets it apart from the others on the album. The best thing about Hard-n-Bass is the surprise of a gritty electro bassline dropping momentarily and then leading into a pleasant vocal-enhanced breakdown about halfway through the track.

After hearing these tracks, I imagine most people would agree that breaks may claim a position in the mainstream of electronic dance music. Its broad influences are drawing from exactly what is popular today, making it a surefire win among EDM lovers.

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