Apr 19, 2014
Breach Previews ‘Artis’ EP
Breach - This Ones For You You Know Who You Were (Original Mix) [Aus]

“I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let’s jack.”

Those 11 words set the dance music world on fire when Ben Westbeech, aka Breach, dropped the seminal club tune Jack on dirtybird last year. Since then, he’s thrown down several grooving remixes for the likes of Jamie Jones, Rachel Row, and Kelis, as well as a DJ-Kicks mix. Now, for his newest release, the three-track Artis EP, the producer is moving back towards a deeper, more underground sound, and we’ve got a full stream of two of the tracks.

First up is Ode Oshi, a sentimental symphony that is simple but undeniably charming. It has a certain hazy, DJ Koze vibe going on that I can’t get enough of. The fantastically named This One’s For You You Know Who You Were is an experimental exercise that features mesmerizing organ play and excellent use of fizzy white noise. It’s definitely zany and highly unconventional, but it’s also an audial trip that shouldn’t be missed. Breach’s Artis EP is out on April 21 via Aus Music on both vinyl and digital download. Pre-order the EP on vinyl here.

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