Nov 13, 2014
Breach & Kelis Unlock ‘The Key’ In New Video

Ben Westbeech, aka Breach, and Kelis bring back big hair and disco in their groovy new video for The Key.

Directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, the video for The Key finds the Milkshake master abdicating her throne as dancing queen to take on a more removed, observational role. Kelis elegantly croons over Breach’s smooth piano movements and crisp house beats as a Pulp Fiction-inspired dance-off takes place around her in the minimal, dimly lit dance hall. Kelis may have moved on from her days of provocative diner-dancing, but let’s face it: these wannabes have nothing on her.

Check out the full video below and pre-order The Key ahead of its Dec. 14 release date on iTunes here.

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