Aug 26, 2012
Brazil's New D&B Dynamo
DJ Chap - Let Me Love You (Original Mix) [Liquid V]
DJ Chap - Inna Streets (Original Mix) [Liquid V]
DJ Chap - Don't Wait For Me (Original Mix) [Liquid V]

Brazil has been a bubbling hotbed of drum & bass talent since the late ’90s. Obvious acts like DJ Marky and XRS were always the standard-bearers of the Brazilian sound of dnb, but it wasn’t long until fellow Brazilians Patife, Drumagik, and S.P.Y. came to share the spotlight with the two prominent dnb figures. Now, another Brazilian joins the ranks of these dnb legends with a sound that is as pure as undriven snow–introducing burgeoning drum and bass producer DJ Chap. Hailing from São Paulo, DJ Chap made an earlier appearance on a Liquid V’s Club Sessions Vol. 4 mix compilation and has returned to drop his first full EP on Bryan Gee’s Liquid V imprint–sister label to the mighty V Recordings. The EP, entitled Inna Streets, is a six track journey through funk, soul, and pressurized darkness.

A major standout tune on the Inna Streets EP is the sensationally smooth Let Me Love You. This tune nails the perfect balance of vibes: an intelligent, uplifting musicality and a dark, gritty bassline. Combining these ingredients is the recipe for a proper mind and body workout. Another well-crafted tune on the EP is the title track, whose rolling bass plays nicely around the vocal that’s been washed in tempo-synced feedback–what subtle brilliance! Another smashing tune on the EP is called Don’t Wait For Me and is a bit of a throwback to the classic Marcus Intalex and S.T. Files tune How You Make Me Feel. Drawing on the same minimalistic approach, the rhythm of Don’t Wait For Me plays the lead role in the track, accented occasionally by syncopated synth stabs.

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