Jan 09, 2013
Brand New Justice EP
Justice - Helix (Domenico Torti's Headspin Remix) [Ed Banger]
Justice - Presence (Original Mix) [Ed Banger]
Justice - Helix (Gesaffelstein Vision Remix) [Ed Banger]

Outside of two guys wearing robot helmets, there isn’t a more highly respected French duo than Justice. After dropping the Cross album in 2007, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay took center stage in French electronic music, and with the release of Audio, Video, Disco in 2011 they further cemented their spot among the greats. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from them, but now they’re back with the Helix EP, and all is good again!

Helix is based off the single that shares the same name from Audio, Video, Disco. The EP contains extended versions of two tracks from that album–the title track and Ohio. The EP also contains the song Presence, a secret track from Audio, Video, Disco that I have never even heard before. It’s a slow-burning powerhouse that methodically keeps the fire going long into the night, and a song I would absolutely love to see performed live.

The last two songs are remixes of Helix, and it’s here where the EP really impresses. Justice brings in fellow Frenchman Gesaffelstein, who does his usual and lays down some filthy techno. If this song causes you to get up and start dancing like a crazy person, I don’t blame you–this song is just downright nasty! The last song on the EP is the Headspin remix of Helix by yet another Frenchman, Domenico Torti. Domenico gives the song some muscle and a little bit of ferocity; I now find myself listening to it more than the original. If anything, it sounds like Justice did a VIP edit of their own track, and thats about as high praise as it gets. We can cross our fingers and toes in hopes of a new full-length album, but for now this will certainly tide you over. Pick up the EP now on Beatport.

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