Oct 13, 2014
Boys Noize Releases Haunting New Track ‘Alarm’

Just in time for Halloween, Alexander Ridha, better known as Boys Noize, has dropped his spine-tingling new track Alarm from the recently released German thriller Who Am I.

The film centers around a group of enigmatic European hackers (meant to resemble real life hacktivists Anonymous) and features an equally eerie soundtrack. Alarm is an ominous number that sees Boys Noize channeling his inner Daft Punk and Cliff Martinez (Drive, The Knick). Opening with a distorted radio sample, the track slowly builds around a dark and dismal synth arrangement before turning into a storm of terrifying techno and perilous percussion.

According to Ridha, Alarm is the first track that he has ever composed specifically for a film. However, we could be hearing more film arrangements from Ridha in the future. The German producer recently told Billboard that he’s “in love with the idea of creating a full sound-design and music for a movie someday.”

Check out the trailer for Who Am I, featuring Alarm, below.

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