May 12, 2015
Boys Noize Throws Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Very First Breath’ Into A Turbine

German techno/electro maestro Boys Noize continues a year-long run of scintillating work with a “turbine” remix of Very First Breath, Hudson Mohawke’s recently released single from his forthcoming artist album Lantern.

This one sounds like the best bits of Prince’s 1982 hit single Little Red Corvette and a whole lot of mid-2000s Ed Banger electro. Boys Noize uses a thick, sweeping bassline from techno-inspired pop and blends it with the searing synth-led melodies that made the world fall in love with Justice for a track that forgets all of it’s original trap-defined feel and dives headlong into peak-hour fury.

Hudson Mohawke’s album Lantern will be available via Warp Records on June 19. Pre-order it here, and pick up Boys Noize’s remix here.

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