Feb 20, 2011
Boys Noize Drops Acid House
Boys Noize - 1010 (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]
Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Death Suite (Erol Alkan Edit) [Boysnoize]
Shadow Dancer - Silver (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]

Boys Noize is back with some seriously sick house–acid house to be precise. He’s put together a compilation of some of his favorite acid house tracks of all time. Acid house was developed in Chicago in the 80’s, wherein it travelled across the world to the UK and eventually ended up becoming one of the most influential genres of EDM. It all began when DJs started experimenting with the Roland Tb 303, an electronic synthesizer-sequencer. Here’s what Boys Noize had to say about the compilation: “Some of the producers on this compilation spent their time with all kinds of analog gear and mixers to have the original ‘warm’ sound they love, and some others just use a f*cking laptop. Can you hear the difference? Well, I can–but do you really? And why release new acid tracks when you can find the best ones made 10-20 years ago?”

Super Acid is a compilation of the some of the sickest house I’ve heard in a while, and to live up to the previously mentioned quote, the tracks aren’t even new! You’ll discover for the first time, or relive the magic, of some of the finest that acid house has to offer. Forget flashy death synth, forget wobbly basslines, forget uplifting vocals, this is pure Chicago-style sex served to you on twelve tracks from the boy himself. From the minute you press play, you’ll be sent on a journey that dates all the way back to the origins of this genre. Let’s take a look at some of the tracks on here.

Let’s start with a track from Boys Noize. 1010 has already been sent out into the world, being featured on HARD Haunted’s Video Wrap-up. It opens up with some 8-bit sounding hooks and progresses slowly into a layered masterpiece. Synth flows at you, reminiscent of a sci-fi flick, and creates some truly dark overtones. Awesome, awesome song. The same can be said for Erol Alkans re-edit of his own collaboration with Boys Noize, Death Suite. Everyone who’s a fan of techno knows this one already, but I wanted to share it with you because it’s just too good to be left out. It’s crazed, Euro-trash music at its finest. I’ll let your ears tell you more of the story.

Finally, I’d like to talk about one last track that really stood out to me (although, again, the whole compilation is nasty). Silver by Shadow Dancer is f*cking ill. A trippy, sinewy synth opens it all up, and it only gets crazier after that. A cloud of static transports you to a dark puddle of drums and other-worldly samples. It’s almost difficult to fully describe what is fully going on in this track, but whatever it is, it’s perfect. The shadowy yelps, the robotic, WTF sample in the middle of the song, and the sexy drum progression sound absolutely fantastic.

All in all, Super Acid House is one compilation you don’t want to miss – especially if you’re a fan of the Boys Noize sound, or just acid house in general.

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