Jul 03, 2011
Bow to the Popstars
The Japanese Popstars feat Green Velvet - Let Go (Original Mix) [EMI]
The Japanese Popstars feat Jon Spencer - Destroy (Original Mix) [EMI]
The Japanese Popstars - Falcon Punch (Original Mix) [EMI]

Ireland’s hottest export, The Japanese Popstars, are at it again. They recently dropped their newest album Controlling Your Allegiance, as well as a killer Essential Mix. This release marks the long-awaited return of the group since 2008’s We Just Are. The album bangs with the utmost untz, showcasing a vibrant blend of trance, electro, and indie rock. Here are a few tracks that really stood out to me.

The first track on the album, Let Go, features the legendary Green Velvet. In typical Green Velvet fashion, the song features trippy, deep house-esque vocals over a hard beat. The pinnacle of the song is around the 1:50 mark, where an insane buildup cranks everything up and drops the song into a bright whirlwind of madness. Destroy starts out with a more ambient trance sound, then gets darker and heavier. Singer Jon Spencer does a fantastic job of turning a trancier tune into a gritty, edgy song. Finally, The Japanese Popstars have given us the best-named track of the year, Falcon Punch. If there was ever a way to cram in as much crazy electro synth into one song as possible, they’ve certainly found it. See for yourself, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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