Oct 28, 2011
Morgan Page - Fight for You (LoBounce Remix)

A perennial problem in music–some artists let genre boundaries define them. This isn’t the case the case for LoBounce. Every time he sits down at the table, he’s moving in direction: unknown. Every track is an enigma in the beginning, and a hit in the end. He’s been hitting up venues with other prominent names like Nero, J. Rabbit, and Big Gigantic, and iit won’t be long before he drops his new EP on us and blows us all away.

Lo dropped me a line a little while ago and passed me this banger of a track, and I want to pass it along to our readership. It’s a bouncey remix of Morgan Page’s Fight For You. Play it, download it for free here, and enjoy. We hope you like what you’re hearing, because Bounce will be producing an upcoming Heartbeat mix in anticipation of his new release. I’ve heard what he’s been putting together and let me tell you, it is nice, so don’t miss it!

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