Jul 24, 2015
Botnek And Go Comet! Feel The ‘Tremors’
Botnek & Go Comet! - Tremors (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]

Montreal-based duo Botnek (pictured) continues their string of high-profile placements with new single Tremors, a duet with Australian electro producer Go Comet!, aka multi-platinum artist Ilan Kidron of The Potbelleez.

Minor key melodies define this electro house anthem, and the bottom end certainly delivers the earthquake-like sounds to which the title refers. What’s more, if you’re looking to take this song to another level, Botnek and Go Comet! have developed a drinking game to accompany the track. The rules are simple: Drink every time the vocalist says “tremors.” Simple enough, right?

Sleep off that hangover from the aforementioned drinking game, then pick up Tremors from Beatport here.

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