Jun 30, 2014
Borneland Gives Us ‘Deja Vu’ With New Remix
Beyonce feat. Jay-Z - Deja Vu (Borneland Remix)

Sibling duo Borneland conquered the ’90s with their remix of Destiny’s Child’s Bug A Boo, and now they’ve taken on the ’00s with a stellar nu disco spin on Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Deja Vu.

The Danish brothers swap the original track’s R&B sound for a softer, more downtempo disco groove featuring a smooth beat that gives way to energetic cascades of bass. Though the song’s vibe is completely transformed, Borneland keeps Jay and Bey’s fierce vocals intact for assured nostalgia.

Check out more mixes from Borneland on their SoundCloud page, and grab a free download of their latest here.

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