Feb 04, 2013
Carnage & Borgore – “Incredible”
Carnage & Borgore - Incredible (Original Mix) [Spinnin']
Carnage & Borgore - Turn Up (Original Mix) [Buygore]

One of the most foremost rising stars in trap music has teamed up with one of the most interesting characters in dubstep, and spectacular results have ensued. Carnage and Borgore have already demonstrated that they are a match made in heaven with their previous release Turn Up (included for your listening pleasure). This time, however, with a premiere on Avicii’s Le7els podcast and early play from the likes of Thomas Gold, their newest effort, Incredible, seems destined for festival greatness.

Interestingly enough, Incredible is neither dubstep nor trap, but rather a big room banger with a hint of hip hop stutter rhythms and copious amounts of low end. Debate rages as to who was more involved in the overall “sound” of this track, but it can be hard to prove one way or another as it sounds like neither of the artists’ typical sound. No matter, though; the track is a winner through and through. Pick up Incredible on Beatport today.

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