Sep 16, 2011
Boratto the Third
Gui Boratto - Galuchat (Original Mix) [Kompakt]
Gui Boratto - Striker (Original Mix) [Kompakt]
Gui Boratto feat Luciana Villanova - This Is Not the End (Original Mix) [Kompakt]

Brazilian techno legend Gui Boratto is back with his brand of sexy, melodic techno. His newest album, III, marks his first full-length release in nearly two years–meaning fans have been long overdue for a helping of the Boratto sound. Interestingly enough, Boratto doesn’t like to be called a DJ; his entire live set up is a slew of electronic devices hooked up to Ableton, somewhat along the lines of a performer like Deadmau5 or Pretty Lights. Regardless, this man is a true testament to the philosophy of “if it sounds good, then you’re doing it right.” This is also the case with III. Low bass frequencies create a dark energy, quiet in nature but gigantic in power. Subtle drum samples and synthesizer overlay the kicks and basslines, making the entire album sound sexy and sophisticated.

The opening track, Destination Education, does a good job of setting the tone for progressive tracks like Flying Practice, Soledad, and Galuchat. It does everything right–the avante-garde melody, the echoey effects. You can almost feel the minimal synthesizer crawling into your ears. The whole thing sounds like a techno party in the desert–hot, steamy, and dreamlike. Heavier tracks like Stems from Hell and Striker give the album a rockstar kind of attitude. Striker is specifically awesome because of the dirty basslines that beef up the track from beginning to end. The last track I’ll talk about is the only vocal track on the album, This Is Not the End, featuring Luciana Villanova. Put simply, it’s amazing. Put not-so-simply, it’s a special blend of warm vibes and superb vocal production.

You’ll have to listen to the rest of the album for the full experience, but these three tracks will give you a great start. Happy listening <3

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