Aug 27, 2015
Bootie Samples: The Doors
Kolombo - People Are Strange (Original Mix) [Seoul Community]
The Doors - People Are Strange (Infected Mushroom Remix)
Adana Twins - Strange (Original Mix) [Exploited]
The Crystal Method vs. The Doors - Roadhouse Blues (Original Dub) [Elektra]
The Doors - Riders on the Storm (Luxxury Live Remix) [Free Download]
The Doors - Stoners on the Storm (TJR Bootleg) [Free Download]
The Doors - The End (Riva Starr Re-Trip) [Free Download]

Ever since the surviving members of The Doors released their collaboration with Skrillex Breakn’ A Sweat back in 2011, the iconic American rock band’s name was brought back into the musical spotlight. The release piqued the interest of a younger generation of electronic music devotees that wondered how these wizened artists from the ’60s could hold such a place of high esteem for the dubstep overlord.

Few artists have had the same privilege as Skrillex to work alongside The Doors, but many have been influenced by the band’s psychedelic work. Countless covers remain in circulation, and many modern productions reference the band’s singer, Jim Morrison, who passed away at the early age of 27 in 1971.

Though the tragic death of Jim Morrison left the band without their frontman, The Doors still celebrate their 50th anniversary this year, having first formed in Venice Beach in the summer of 1965. To honor that milestone, we’ve collected some of our favorite bootlegs, remixes, and edits made in the last five years that have been inspired by The Doors for this edition of Bootie Samples.

1. The Doors – People Are Strange

Written in 1967 by Jim Morrison and guitarist Robby Krieger, this track has become one of The Doors’ most recognizable hits. Many covers of the song have been released including versions from Tori Amos, Evanescence, and most famously by Echo & The Bunnymen.

2012 | Deep House | Kolombo – People Are Strange (Original Mix)

Using just the vocal stems in his version, Kolombo then distorts Morrison’s vocals past recognition while still keeping the meaning of the lyrics in place. He places the repeated vocal chorus against his own house beat for a warped ode to the original. To purchase this track head to Beatport here.

2012 | Psy-Trance | The Doors – People Are Strange (Infected Mushroom Remix)

Infected Mushroom takes a completely different direction with their remix to open with a lone piano that re-creates the track’s iconic chords before an atmospheric soundscape is introduced alongside Morrison’s bare vocals. The pair use longer vocal phrases, and even sample the original’s saloon-piano interlude at their own midway point. You can listen to this track, and their other sampling of The Doors’ Love Me Two Times, here.

2012 | Deep House | Adana Twins – Strange (Original Mix) [Exploited]

Ironically, one of Adana Twins‘ most listened-to tracks is also their sampling of The Doors’ People Are Strange. Much like their deep house contemporary Kolombo, Adana Twins choose to use only a few vocal clips for their version, using the specific phrases “when you’re a stranger” and “when you’re alone.” A creeping rhythm emphasizes the dejected meaning of the lyrics, while the heavy bassline keeps things dance floor-friendly. Grab your copy of the track here.

2. The Doors – Roadhouse Blues

2012 | Big Beat | The Crystal Method vs. The Doors – Roadhouse Blues (Original Dub) [Elektra]

As far as veteran status goes, The Crystal Method might be the only duo in this group who were actually alive to appreciate The Doors in their prime. The UK big beat duo crafts a stunning rendition of this bluesy Doors number, replacing harmonica riffs with angular synth stabs for a futuristic approach that remains true to the original’s moody intentions. The pair not only sample Morrison’s vocals, but insert a lot of the song’s instrumentals alongside their own production as well. For more from The Crystal Method head to their SoundCloud here.

3. The Doors – Riders On The Storm

2015 | Nu disco | The Doors – Riders on the Storm (Luxxury Live Remix)

Known for his re-appropriation of retro tracks, Los Angeles producer Luxxury turns his eye to this classic hit to infuse track with a skulking bassline and a vocoded croon of Morrison lyrics. The entire edit progresses at an easy pace while the chiming piano chords iconic to the original ebb in and out for a result that feels like a sonic mirage. Download the live version of the remix for free here.

2011 | House | The Doors – Stoners on the Storm (TJR Bootleg) [Free Download]

TJR ups the tempo in his rendition and samples both the vocals and instrumentals. He also adds in a clip of Jim Morrison’s spoken word, which he then offsets with a chugging four-on-the-floor bassline and more echoed vocal syllables. Grab your free download here.

4. The Doors – The End

2013 | Tech House | The Doors – The End (Riva Starr Re-Trip) [Free Download]

London producer Riva Starr chooses one of The Doors’ more somber tracks The End to edit. While the original clocks in at a lengthy 12 minutes, Starr shortens his version to eight. Just as the original builds to a steady cacophony, so too does Riva build the layers in his rendition for a subtle, hypnotic suspense. You can claim your free download here.

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