Jun 28, 2014
Boomrat Launches Dance Music Aggregator

Electronic music fans have an efficient new way to discover and share music with the introduction of Boomrat, a stream aggregator and analytic tool powered by data culled from blog posts.

Boomrat watches a whole heap of blogs for MP3s and streaming files in addition to chatter on social media and plays on SoundCloud to track the hottest in new music and organize it based on your favorite artists, blogs, and more. Just days old now since its launch June 24, Boomrat is the product of two University Of Southern California students looking for an easier way to find new music. Although describing the greater collection of major publications from which it draws its product as “chaos” might be a tad extreme, there surely exists enough demand for such a streamlining platform to justify the LA-based team’s venture, not to mention the need for a competitor to throw a hat into Hype Machine’s uncontested ring.

Like HypeM, users can track artists, discover new tunes, and share with friends. However, Boomrat is focused exclusively on electronic music and factors in social media and plays on SoundCloud to its Trending Chart. On first pass, the chart seems successful thus far at offering a representative and accurate look at the latest in popular electronic music at the given time.

Perhaps there’s enough room for everyone. Anyone who uses HypeM will notice that it leans away from the “mainstream” side of things, and when it says “blogs,” it really means it. Many leading dance music outlets are omitted from the 811 that compose its database, with sites called things like The Trash Juice and Circle Square Triangle contributing to an alternative music digest in addition to its offerings in indie and rock.

Learn more about Boomrat and sign up to give it a spin for yourself here.

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