Nov 18, 2013
Boombotix SYNC Brings Shared Listening Experience With New App

We’ve got big news for lovers of tiny speakers today from the boys and girls at Boombotix, who’ve developed an app capable of playing music through multiple iOS devices in sync from just about anywhere. The makers of the adorably powerful Bluetooth boomboxes have apparently figured out how to connect them via cellular data, allowing for what is essentially a silent–or violent–disco without the need for FM transmitters, headphones, or even close proximity to the device that’s serving as “DJ.”

As the Kickstarter page points out, there are endless uses for a wireless, multi-speaker system worn by some or all members of a group, party, bike ride, hike, and so forth, offering portable surround sound anywhere a cell phone works, including the amusing suggestion from the team below.

boombotix toilet dj sync

DJ for your friends and even local strangers in DJ mode, or listen to someone else’s set by finding them via Facebook API or using a “Nearby DJs” mode, all with a reported less-than-30ms latency. Currently, only SoundCloud is supported to ensure each device has access to the songs the DJ picks, but they’re working on incorporating Spotify as well.

On a larger scale, what Boombotix is accomplishing with SYNC is applied lightweight hardware networking, a concept which will drive advancements in media and experience sharing for years to come. Hit up their Kickstarter page to learn more and donate to the cause, in return for tons of awesome stuff, including, of course, the pro version of the app once the $15k goal is met.

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