Mar 20, 2011
Boom Goes The Nillionaire
Alesso - Dynamite (Original Mix) [Refune]
Alesso - Nillionaire (Original Mix) [Refune]

Well Refune has definitely been slamming it out of the park lately with their sequence of releases. Last we heard from Swanky Tunes with their track Avalon, and now Sebastian Ingrosso’s label continues to deliver with a new EP from Alesso. This Swedish (no way!) house talent is making quite the name for himself with two very polished tracks, and given his support by a member of the Swedish House Mafia, there’s no question about his potential.

Dynamite is exactly what it sounds like–and then some. Its an explosive trek through techy sounds, dirty beats, and drops so potent they’ll have you gasping for air as you sift through the rubble that was your brain. Perhaps most impressive in this track is its excellent control over energy at all times, manipulating the listener as it pleases. Truly a gem.

The other track, Nillionaire, is another destructive piece of music with one more round of killer drops. Every element is carefully placed and layering is handled perfectly throughout every portion of the track. Talk about a double whammy right after Dynamite.

It’s tracks like these that make me give some serious props to Ingrosso for nabbing the talent he has. And with a new release called Sexx on the way from Style of Eye, I have a feeling we’re all going to be convinced of his taste.

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