Apr 04, 2013
Booka’s Back
Booka Shade feat. Chelonis R. Jones - Blackout White Noise (Club Mix) [Blaufield]
Booka Shade feat. Chelonis R. Jones - Blackout White Noise (Booka's Flash Mix) [Blaufield]
Booka Shade - Glory Box (Original Mix) [Blaufield]

Booka Shade blew the roof off of the live stage on the second day of weekend two at Ultra Music Festival. Arno (left), silhouetted in light surrounded by his drum kit, kept a mechanical rhythm to Walter’s fast-paced instrumental work. 2005 classics Mandarine Girl and Body Language expanded into full on jam sessions of rippling basslines, whirring pads, complex synths, and custom edits.

Booka also debuted tracks off of their new Blackout: White Noise EP. The duo’s distinct sound is benefited by Chelonis R. Jones’ playful vocals on the title track. The club mix starts with his hollowed-out voice cutting back and forth as a dissonant and eerie synth rises. Soon the percussion kicks in and it finds itself being blended into the plucky, elastic bounce of the lead. The flow of the club mix is more progressive and mainstage than the dark-room worthy Booka’s Flash Mix.
The modulating pop-sound of the lead is less restrained and more present throughout the entirety of the track and its organic energy and spaced out, production style lock itself into a solid dancefloor mover.

Glory Boxleans towards a more deep house vibe with its pitched down vocals overlaid with minimal synths. The looming buildup percolates left-to-right before it effervesces and overflows into a chasm of sound. Karrera finds Booka Shade mingling more with techno, brimming with layers of complex synths over a dark and brooding beat. You can purchase Blackout: White Noise exclusively on Beatport today.

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