Nov 26, 2014
Bonobo Shines With ‘Flashlight’ EP
Bonobo - Flashlight (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]
Bonobo - Pelican (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]
Bonobo - Return To Air (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]

UK producer Bonobo has previewed his Flashlight EP one week ahead of its scheduled release.

The three-track EP sees Bonobo deviate slightly from his trademark downtempo tracks and move into a more experimental realm of dance music. For the opening title track, Bonobo employs an assortment of orchestral strings, popping bass, and sweeping beats in an organic blend of live and sampled sounds. Pelican is a fairly straightforward and smooth dance track that combines effortless beats with a myriad of salty, beach-like samples and indecipherable vocal tracks. Return To Air is a breezy, ethereal movement that finds Bonobo latching onto his roots–the track is a dreamy mix of floating synthscapes that hover throughout an atmosphere of weighty drums and bass.

Bonobo recently told Billboard that Flashlight will serve as the bridge between two albums–the end and beginning of eras for the producer.

“I made this in summer 2014 during some downtime between touring. [Return To Air] was the last track I made before leaving New York and packing my studio into storage. In a way, it’s the last page of that chapter before I settle again and start the next album.”

Pre-order the Flashlight EP ahead of its Dec. 2 release date on iTunes here. While you’re listening to the full EP stream up above, make sure to visit Bonobo’s own website to explore an interactive webpage.

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