Dec 05, 2013
Bondax & Josh Record Spark A Flame With ‘Fires’
Bondax feat. Josh Record - Fires (Original Mix)

Soulful teenage duo Bondax are heating things up with their latest tune Fires, which features the intimate vocals of Josh Record. This lustful, half-tempo tune finds the boys dialing back the BPM from their default “laid-back” mode towards genuine “bump ‘n’ grind” territory, while Record’s crisp falsetto establishes the high stakes of his hook-up daydream.

Fans of Bondax aren’t likely to associate the name with heat, seeing as they’ve risen to fame on the strength of their cool, dark garage/house sound. But Fires offers a peek at a new facet of the duo’s style, one that’s less about setting the dance floor off and more about setting the mood just right for those one-on-one after-parties that follow a night out.

There’s no word on an official release just yet, but be sure to keep this one in your back pocket in case of a chance encounter with a new flame.

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