Mar 01, 2014
Bok Bok & Kelela Reunite For ‘Melba’s Call’
Bok Bok feat. Kelela - Melba's Call (Original Mix) [Night Slugs]

Bok Bok is Alex Sushon, head of influential UK bass label Night Slugs. This week, Sushon joins forces with rising vocalist Kelela for Melba’s Call, due out March 31 on iTunes.

Bok Bok and Kelela previously collaborated on Cut 4 Me, Kelela’s essential 2013 mixtape that also featured production credits from Kingdom, Jam City, and more. Melba’s Call picks up where that tape left off, with Bok Bok’s funky future-grime production frantically mutating underneath Kelela’s soulful, gliding vocals. If Cut 4 Me left you wanting more, look no further–Melba’s Call is the real deal. We’ve got our fingers crossed for more collaborations from these two boundary-pushing artists in the near future.

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