Jan 27, 2014
Bodhi Offers Haunting Remix of ‘Hey Now’ By London Grammar
London Grammar - Hey Now (Bodhi Remix)

Last we heard from Bodhi, the duo was caught up in existential ruminations about the meaning of chaos and disorder in the universe. This week, their concerns are far more down-to-earth, as evidenced by their remix of the breakout hit Hey Now from London Grammar.

Like much of Bodhi’s best work to date, the remix is patient and restrained, relying only on very sparse vocal snippets to construct unforgettable hooks. The name of the game is subterranean, with the track’s bouncy, rubbery bassline propelling it forward while ambient synth sounds shimmer and shine as though peeking through cracks in the pavement above our heads.

London Grammar’s Hey Now single is expected on March 16; their debut LP If You Wait is out now.

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