Jan 10, 2014
Bodhi Gives Away Deep, Dark ‘Entropy’
Bodhi - Entropy (Original Mix)

Entropy is the measure of disorder. Here’s the funny thing about entropy: it never decreases. It’s always on the upswing. Welsh duo Bodhi must have had a lot on their minds when they penned Entropy, a dark and dreary garage-house tune from their forthcoming EP.

There’s always more, and it will always be chaotic. But Bodhi’s relentless rhythms and subterranean bass tones remind us to keep marching through the dark, even if we have no destination in mind. Disorder reigns supreme, so what are we to do but keep on dancing? It might be the only sane response to an insane world.

Our friends over at Mixmag are giving away Entropy for free. Download here, and keep an eye out for Bodhi’s next EP, expected out on Feb. 24 via Ten Thousand Yen.

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