Feb 23, 2016
Boards Of Canada Craft Floating Remix Of Odd Nosdam’s ‘Sisters’
Odd Nostam - Sisters (Boards of Canada Remix) [Leaving]

Scottish duo Boards of Canada (pictured) make hypnotic work of Odd Nostam’s Sisters for a heavenly remix that will have your head stuck in the clouds.

It’s a fitting remix for Berkeley-based producer Odd Nosdam whose style is located in a world of eclectic distortion and odd beats just like Boards of Canada. The remix makes good use of ethereal vocals, droning organ notes, and peeling bells to create an ambient, saint-like vibe, though it’s been offset with a steady drum section to keep listeners grounded.

In a truly avant-garde move, Odd Nosdam shares the Boards of Canada remix ahead of his Sisters album, which he’s releasing on VHS. You read that right–VHS. The cassette will include eight original videos in addition to a vinyl copy of the album. Order your copy here.

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