Jun 23, 2012
Blurred Lines, Effective Immediately
Matthew Nagle - Effective Immediately (Original Mix) [High Contrast]

Sometimes, genre labels are totally futile. Matthew Nagle drives this point home; his track Effective Immediately somehow straddles the line between electro house and techy prog trance in a way I wasn’t sure I liked or understood—but it’s the absolutely bewildering military march-like sections (you can hear a decidedly drummer boy-esque snare drum, strings, and trumpets in the builds) of this track that made me completely unable to stay silent about this track, whether I liked it or not.

Needless to say, this perplexing genre-blurrer out on High Contrast NuBreed, a sublabel dedicated to new and unknown names, has grown on me. The break almost smacks of old psytrance influences, and the lead synths definitely remind me of much older trance–yet the gamut of grinding electro synths suits the overall feel of the track. Even the accents provided by the military snare somehow work in context. Matthew Nagle has created no-holds barred music here, catering to no audience but creativity, and issuing a demand—effective immediately!—that people take notice of his track. And I can appreciate the hell out of that.

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