Apr 16, 2014
Bluetech Delivers Otherworldly ‘Cosmic Dubs’
Bluetech - Wandering Spirits (Original Mix)
Bluetech - Point Blank (Original Mix)

Since his first release in 2003, Hawaii’s Bluetech has become a mainstay in the downtempo and psy-dub world. He’s never run out of variations on his signature cocktail of trip hop, ambient, and techno, and has rarely shown any sign of cutting back on the frequency of his output. His latest EP, Cosmic Dubs, keeps his legacy going with a collection of tracks that rank among his most atmospheric.

Don’t listen to this unless you have a memory foam mattress to melt into. These tracks are the aural equivalent of that half-awake state you enter when the dentist suffocates you with nitrous. They seep out of the speakers gradually and envelop you in a womb of swirling pads, resonating bells, and foreboding melodies. Time becomes meaningless as things build and unfold without a distinct beginning or end.

Wandering Spirits is the only track you might be able to play on your way to work without zoning out and missing your freeway exit. But if you’re gonna listen to the others, call in sick, grab your bong, and get ready to float gently into your inner-space. You can grab Cosmic Dubs on Bluetech’s Bandcamp.

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