Jun 11, 2011
Blue Bomber Banger
DSKOTEK - Mega Man (Original Mix)
DSKOTEK - Machine (Original Mix)

I do so love the LA underground. It has so many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Today’s electro/thrash duo is just that. They’re known as DSKOTEK, and if you haven’t heard them yet, then strap in because you’re in for a big surprise. Their bio says that they formed their unholy union in 2009, and from there they began producing electro bangers and toured all over the US. They’ve also opened up for such big names as Steve Aoki, Jack Beats, and Mustard Pimp to name a few. What’s even cooler is that they are very in touch with their fans. So in touch, that when they hit 3000 likes on their Facebook page, they released a brand new track for free on their SoundCloud account called Mega Man.

I absolutely love this track. It’s 8-bit EDM done right! Every second of it is chock full of old-school Mega Man samples from the original games! I can recognize the health items, damage, and buster samples. How many samples can you recognize? Not only is it full of video game nostalgic goodness, but it also switches between electro and dubsteppier sounds seamlessly–a trend that is becoming more popular today a la Porter Robinson, etc. Overall, they did an outstanding job with this tune.

Another DSKOTEK track worth mentioning is Machine. Their SoundCloud describes the genre as “wobble/thrash.” It seems to be an appropriate description, because there’s a lot of both in there. It sounds almost industrial, like if Excision and Downlink did electro house. I think this kind of electro is going to become huge in the next year, at least in LA. What do you think? Post your comments below!

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