May 03, 2012
Bloody Good Remixes
Sway - Level Up (Fake Blood Mix) [3Beat]
Sway - Level Up (Sigma Remix) [3Beat]

Since he made his breakout a few years ago, I haven’t heard much from Fake Blood besides his amazing EP from fall of last year, so I’m more than excited anytime I see something new from him. Today was a treat, as I stumbled across his remix of Sway’s Level Up. The pop/hip-hop infused dubstep track that’s currently sitting on Billboard’s UK Charts got flipped upside down by the London born producer. The short first buildup calls for “lights out” right before this incredibly dirty bass drop. If that drop, well… drops your jaw, just keep listening as this track gets gnarlier and gnarlier.

Accompanied with that remix was one from long time d’n’b veteran Sigma, who switches up his style with a very complex dubstep remix that allows the poppy vocals a bit more exposure than the Fake Blood remix. There’s also some sick usage of a 4/4 beat in a 140bpm track. Check out both releases, let us know which you dig!

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