Oct 11, 2013
Blood Diamonds Visits Osaka
Blood Diamonds - Osaka (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Blood Diamonds - Apex (Original Mix) [OWSLA]

Vancouver-based producer Blood Diamonds has released a two-track EP titled Osaka. The title track of the EP is a beautiful, melodic fusion of airy vocals and harsh beats that at times seem to be calling and responding to each other. Blood Diamonds mentioned the track takes a lot of inspiration from Osaka, Japan: “I finished [it] on a bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka. It was really inspired by the city itself; the night life, the vibrant lights and the complex highways lacing through chrome buildings.”

Apex, the second song on the EP, is an instrumental track that is a sublime mix of futuristic sounds and synths. Although the track gives off an almost sci-fi vibe, the sounds come together to form something that still feels organic.

Osaka was released by OWSLA at the start of the month–grab a copy on Beatport here.

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