Jun 08, 2012
Blinded By Basslines
Alan Morris vs Sequentia - Blind (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
Alan Morris vs Sequentia - Blind (Vocal Mix) [Enhanced]

Before I write one more review, let me confess that, like many EDM devotees, I have a hopeless weakness for a really good bassline. In the trance world, Enhanced Recordings has a flair for churning out releases with such basslines, and it does its reputation justice with Alan Morris & Sequentia’s Blind. Supported with both an instrumental original mix and a marginally longer vocal version, this release will knock you out of your chair.

The original mix of Blind stands perfectly fine on its own, even though it clocks in at a relatively short not-quite-6 minutes (short for trance, anyway). The aforementioned bassline is supported and carried by a lush array of subtle effects. Little syncopated rhythms in the background take this track through the build and drop, and the conventional piano break— shot through with a faint electric guitar synth that keeps the piano melody from sounding trite—is a welcome change of pace. While the vocal mix packs an extra layer of commercial appeal, featuring the uncredited vocals of Angelika Borof, it doesn’t add much. Although it’s become common practice to try and broaden the audience of EDM tracks by throwing in a vocal overlay, Blind proves that it’s not always necessary.

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