Dec 28, 2013
Blackwax Unload Grimey ‘Phobia/Grimace’ EP
Blackwax - Phobia (Original Mix)
Blackwax - Grimace (Original Mix)

Blackwax mercilessly pillage the last twenty years of underground UK club music on their new EP Phobia/Grimace, from jungle to dubstep to grime and everywhere in between. The London duo, comprised of Luke Dubuis and Ross Addy, weave together a seamless collage of dark, eerie post-dubstep that flirts with both the erratic complexity of jungle, as on Phobia, as well as more modern sounds like UK funky during the double-time breakdown in Grimace.

Though the duo wear their influences on their sleeves, the two tracks on this new EP never feel derivative or dated. If you’re the type who prefers their dubstep to be of the spacious and moody variety, download Phobia/Grimace for free on SoundCloud.

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