Dec 13, 2013
Blackedout Offers A ‘Champagne’ Toast
Blackedout - Champagne (Original Mix)

Young blood Blackedout follows up his excellent self-titled EP from the earlier this year with Champagne, a smooth and silky slow-burner that fully delivers on the promise made by past releases.

Built around a warped sample of It’s A Shame by The Spinners, Champagne finds Blackedout settling into his own sound, which marries downtempo hip hop beats with emotive R&B grooves dipped in a vat of molasses for that sticky, smoky-sweet flavor that we crave late at night when the haze has cleared and the afterglow is in full effect.

While we wait in anticipation for a new EP expected early next year, download Champagne for free as a toast to the ever-encroaching gloam.

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