Feb 01, 2014
Blackedout Invites You Into His Dreamy ‘Vessel’
Blackedout - Vessel (Original Mix)

Young Brooklyn producer Blackedout takes us out for a night of questionable decisions with Vessel, the latest track to surface ahead of his as-yet-unnamed sophomore EP, expected out in the spring.

When we last heard from Blackedout, he was exploring half-remembered R&B memories from last night’s hedonistic haze with Champagne. Where that track seemed ready-made to soundtrack the mellow afterglow, Vessel feels more caught up in the moment, with all of its inherent highs and lows. The track begins with a bright, pitch-shifted vocal sample that suggests optimism in the face of struggle, but things take a gloomy turn after a surprising crescendo leads into a dreary, piercing melody in the second half.

While we wait for more information about Blackedout’s forthcoming EP, check out his “pay-what-you-want” debut on Bandcamp.

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