Jun 01, 2011
Black Tie Beats
Fancy Mike feat Constrobuz - Twin Peaks [King Deluxe]

I… just… can’t… stop… dancing. Sometimes, you just find the perfect song for a given moment; That’s how I felt when I threw on some Fancy Mike and opened up my window to a fat ray of sunshine and a chorus of chirping birds. As Twin Peaks set the mood and the sun beamed down through my already milky hookah, I couldn’t help but start bouncing on my bed. You know what they say: if you can’t dance on your feet, dance in your seat!

Fancy Mike is a young producer hailing from middle America. Not your typical roots for an electronic producer; then again, Fancy Mike’s production isn’t all that typical. His vintage synths are reminiscent of old school video game tones (I’m seeing a rise in popularity in this type of sound), but what really distinguishes Fancy Mike’s sound is its upbeat ambient laser melodies. You’ve got ambience one second, and a euphonious arpeggio of glitchy laser-bass the next–it’s very compelling stuff. Check out Twin Peaks featuring friend of the label Constrobuz, and if you like it, check out the entire release from King Deluxe records here.

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