Jan 30, 2014
Bixel Boys ‘Walking On Water’ In Eliza Doolittle Remix
Eliza Doolittle - Walking On Water (Bixel Boys Remix) [Free Download]

LA duo Bixel Boys had an absolutely explosive 2013 with two EP releases and a handful of major remixes all seeing a ton of support throughout the industry. Following up on their huge year, the boys are back to start 2014 off with an expertly crafted remix of British singer Eliza Doolittle’s Walking On Water.

The remix starts out with a minimal sound and thumping bass drum behind Eliza’s beautifully sweet voice. It quickly transforms into a more upbeat, jumpy rhythm before a powerful piano break comes in around two-and-a-half minutes. This is where the remix really shines by highlighting both the electrifyingly bouncy sounds we’ve come to expect from Bixel Boys and the hopeful lyrics from Eliza’s original track.

As if the duo needed another reason to be on your radar, this remix should help to prove that they’re a force to be reckoned with. The two are setting themselves up for a massive year by building on the successes in 2013 and continuing to expand their arsenal of high-quality remixes. Head over to their SoundCloud for a free download of the track, and be sure to check out the video for the original, below:

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