Feb 19, 2014
Bixel Boys Get Over Crystal Method Remix
The Crystal Method feat. Dia Frampton - Over It (Bixel Boys Remix) [Free Download]

Bixel Boys are at it again with their largest remix to date–a smooth take on The Crystal Method’s recent single, Over It. The original track was released on the Crystal Method’s self-titled album last month, and it’s a dubby, frantic song with siren-like synths and big drums features vocals from Dia Frampton. The Bixel Boys have taken the original and toned it down by giving it a dose of house-y synths and minimal drums.

While many of the Bixel Boys’ remixes fall into the tech house or even electro genres, their remix of Over It is somewhat of a departure as they slow things down for a melancholy, classic house feel. They have expertly crafted Dia Frampton’s voice into ghostly vocals with pitch bends and added white noise. It’s refreshing to see the duo, who has already put out several releases this year, try their hand at different sounds, especially it’s a remix as beautiful as this one.

Grab your copy for free on The Crystal Method’s SoundCloud page here.

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